Boris Bozic, Founder and CEO, Merix Financial

Boris Bozic, Founder and CEO, Merix Financial

A true pioneer and advocate for the Canadian mortgage industry, Boris Bozic is the founder and CEO of Merix Financial. With close to 30 years of experience, Bozic has an enviable record of industry achievements and contributions.

In 2005, Bozic and his partners launched Merix Financial and its sister company, Paradigm Quest. In its first year of operation, Merix funded $1.4 billion, more than any other new entrant to the broker channel. A passionate, well-known industry leader, Bozic is regarded for his precise and informed words that distinguish him from the crowd.

Bozic has also dedicated years of service to the greater good of the mortgage broker industry. He served as a board member and executive for MBABC, as well as a board member for Mortgage Professionals Canada, which culminated in his election as chair. In recognition of his years of service and industry success, Bozic was inducted into the Canadian Mortgage Hall of Fame in 2015.

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