Rebecca Casey, DLC Origin

Rebecca Casey, DLC Origin

Mortgage professional


Age: 33

Years in the industry: 2

Rebecca Casey entered the mortgage industry after spending 10 years as a residential conveyancer and two as a sales associate for a legal real estate software company. When she started, she set a goal of funding one file in her first year. Within six months, she had funded 15 and hasn’t looked back since.

“I was looking for something more challenging, more fulfilling and something with limitless potential,” Casey says. “Every job I held before this had a ceiling. After having two daughters, I realized I wanted them to see that anything is possible and that they have the power to draw up the plans for their own life. Before this business, I didn’t know what was possible or what I was capable of.”

Outside of her day job, Casey works on a number of initiatives in her community, including raising funds for the BC and Surrey Women’s Cancer Centres. She is also part of a group of entrepreneurs that hosts networking and marketing events to boost brand awareness for local businesses.