Lee-ann McEllister, MCAP

Lee-ann McEllister, MCAP

Business development manager


Age: 32

Years in the industry: 2

With more than a decade of experience in financial services, Lee-Ann McEllister got a glimpse into the broker side of the industry and instantly became fascinated by the wide range of products and services available to mortgage brokers. Two years ago, she made the switch.

“I was so scared taking the leap from retail banking to the broker industry,” she says. “I am proud that I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone into unknown territory.”

Now, as a BDM for MCAP and a member of the board of the BC Lenders Group, McEllister is working on raising awareness of what brokers can bring to their clients. “The biggest challenge today is Canadian consumers’ awareness of a licensed mortgage broker’s true value proposition,” she says. “Brokers have specialized expertise, tremendous support behind the scenes and the ability to structure tailored solutions.”