Jill Moellering, Mortgage Architects

Jill Moellering, Mortgage Architects

Mortgage planner


Age: 35

Years in the industry: 1

After working in finance roles for 18 years, Jill Moellering took the leap transitioned into brokering. “I wanted to put that experience into a more rewarding career where I could help people with structuring debt and finances, as well as improve my work/life balance,” she says of her decision.

Despite her short time in the industry, Moellering has been able to build strong connections with her clients and fellow brokers. “I love building a bond with my clients and being there to help them through what is a high-pressure/high-stress time,” she says.

Moellering’s Edmonton location has added an extra layer of challenge to the job. “Being an Alberta-based broker, I don’t face the same challenges as brokers in Toronto or Vancouver,” she says. “We have been in a tight market the last couple of years, which has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of homebuyers. Reduced wages, high cost of living and increased consumer debt have a lot of Albertans in a tough spot financially, so we have been doing a lot of refinances and debt reduction/credit coaching.”