Chase Belair, NESTO

Chase Belair, NESTO

Co-founder/principal broker


Age: 28

Years in the industry: 10

Chase Belair entered the mortgage industry in 2009 with DLC Smart Debt, following the path forged by his mother. “My mother has been helping Canadians with their finances since 1981,” Belair says. “As my role model, mentor and best friend, she made it easy to want to follow in her footsteps.”

Belair originally started his career in Ottawa but made the tough decision to move to Montreal in order to start Nesto, something he now regards as his greatest accomplishment. “I took a leap of faith when I left the family business, and Ottawa, in May of 2018 for Montreal to help build what is now Nesto,” he says. “This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my career to date, and I have no regrets.”

Today, Belair is focused on dealing with the ever-changing landscape of the industry and serving customers in their preferred manner. “Whether it’s mortgage rules, economic factors or consumer behaviour, there’s so much out of our control in this business,” he says, “so being able to adapt quickly and efficiently is crucial.”