Brad Plummer, DLC The Mortgage Source

Brad Plummer, DLC The Mortgage Source

Mortgage broker


Age: 34

Years in the industry: 6

Brad Plummer has been leveraging his mortgage experience to mentor his fellow agents at The Mortgage Source for the past several years. In addition to holding weekly webinars for his colleagues, he occasionally speaks at conferences and other industry-related events. Plummer also constructed a Mortgage Protection Plan training course to further aid his team’s sales. After just six years in the industry, Plummer has already received multiple recognitions from his brokerage.

In 2017, he established Town Financial with his wife, Katie, who maintains life insurance and investment licences, to provide a full suite of services. He says striking a balance between running the business and providing excellent customer service has been his biggest challenge.

“For me personally, it is finding a way to keep up with the business and how to continue to grow year after year without service levels dropping,” he says. “I think I will need to add some more people to my team outside of my wife, who has been instrumental in my success to date.”