Alan Harder, Tango Financial

Alan Harder, Tango Financial

Founding partner and vice-president of marketing   


Age: 33

Years in the industry: 6

As the founder of LenderSpotlight, Alan Harder helped changed the landscape for brokers in Canada. “When the B-20 rules were introduced, I saw an opportunity for us to build a tool to help mortgage brokers keep track of rate changes,” he says. “We’ve since built LenderSpotlight into one of the most used tools in the Canadian mortgage industry with over 8,000 users.”

Getting to that point has been many years in the making for Harder. After earning his degree in accounting, he got into the mortgage industry, looking for a way to succeed as an entrepreneur. He started as a broker for a small team before joining MortgagePal, where he hit it off with founder Jason Henneberry. After working together to launch several products and services and merging with other brokerages, Harder and Henneberry formed Tango Financial.

Harder continues to innovate, recently launching, a step-by-step online course that teaches mortgage professionals how to build a six-figure business.