5. Lev Keselman, Verico Paragon Mortgage

5. Lev Keselman, Verico Paragon Mortgage

Company: Verico Paragon Mortgage 
Total volume: $201.31 million
Loans funded: 389

CMP: How did you navigate regulatory changes in 2018?
Lev Keselman: With the new regulatory changes, we have learned to work within the confines of what has been presented to us. It has definitely been challenging at times. In my opinion, most successful brokers have embraced these changes and are working around them. It has created additional opportunities, particularly in working with clients who have been turned down by their own banks throughout traditional ways of financing. Overall, I have found that the new regulations have created more business for those of us who are working with alternative and private lenders. If you are willing to rise up to the challenges presented, there will always be opportunities to produce good work.


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