39. Janna Dawdy, JCMortgages.ca

39. Janna Dawdy, JCMortgages.ca

Company: JCMortgages.ca 
Total volume: $81.82 million
Loans funded: 247

CMP: What can lenders do to help brokers achieve even higher volumes in 2019?
Janna Dawdy: I think lenders should focus more on supporting and offering niche products to brokers. This would allow us more flexibility and higher benefits over traditional mortgage sources. Allowing child tax credit, for example, would open up the options for dozens of more mortgages to be constructed.

CMP: What is your prediction for the state of the mortgage industry in 2019?
JD: I see the industry becoming stronger, growing broader in some senses, but also leaving traditional methods behind. I think that we will see a boom in alternative lending even more so but that a lot of the mortgage industry will be heading in a digital direction, as well. I am excited for the upcoming changes and challenges.

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  • JCMortgages.ca