Robert McLister, Founder/co-founder,

Robert McLister, Founder/co-founder,

Even during one of the toughest years in recent history for the Canadian mortgage industry, Robert McLister still managed to grow his business, expanding unit sales of intelliMortgage’s e-mortgage offering for self-directed borrowers by 41%. In addition, nearly doubled its unique visitor traffic in 2018, due to its policy of displaying rates from all prime mortgage lenders in Canada, which resonated with consumers who have become more educated about information bias and are demanding better options.

For 2019, RateSpy is in the process of helping multiple lenders launch marketing campaigns, while also preparing for a new media partnership. “Consumer awareness and trust don’t come easy,” McLister says. “We’ll need to continue juxtaposing the site’s benefits and objectivity with competing sites. It takes time, but doing the right thing for consumers always pays in the end. If you live by that creed and keep delivering value, you just have to wait for word of mouth to work its magic.”

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