Special reports

  • REP Top Teams 2017
    REP Top Teams 2017

    Despite the long hours and individual effort, real estate is still very much a team game. REP went in search of the 100 top-performing real estate teams in Canada to find out what makes them unique and how they’ve leveraged this increasingly popular concept into blistering success

  • CMP Hall of Fame 2017
    CMP Hall of Fame 2017

    CMP’s Hall of Fame brings together 10 of the most recognizable and successful individuals from across the Canadian mortgage world

  • CMP Top Brokerages 2017
    CMP Top Brokerages 2017

    CMP shines the spotlight on 48 brokerages that are outperforming the competition and shaping the course of today’s mortgage industry

  • REP Young Guns 2017
    REP Young Guns 2017

    If the future is bright, the present is blinding. REP found 100 agents, all 35 years of age or younger, whose extraordinary success has established each one as a force to be reckoned with in the world of real estate

  • CMP Young Guns 2017
    CMP Young Guns 2017

    Remember their names – these 55 young professionals are the rising stars of Canada’s mortgage industry

  • CMP Women of Influence 2017
    CMP Women of Influence 2017

    The glass ceiling is no longer holding these 50 women back – they are the leaders and innovators who are changing the face of the Canadian mortgage industry