Teresa Johnston, Canadian Mortgages Inc.

Teresa Johnston, Canadian Mortgages Inc.

Vice-president, investor relations

Canadian Mortgages Inc.

A seasoned mortgage professional with more than 30 years of financial industry experience, Teresa Johnston has worked for some of the top Schedule I banks throughout her career. She was one of the first women to open up her own mortgage brokerage back when the industry was very male-dominated and has spent the last four years with Canadian Mortgages Inc.’s private lending division as vice-president of investor relations, helping to facilitate nearly $75 million in private mortgage placements nationwide.

Johnston has established a wide network of lenders and referral partners and has been a significant contributor to various initiatives in the company that have directly impacted overall revenue growth and market share. She is a strong believer in empowerment and philanthropy and has dedicated much of her time to organizations supporting women’s health and children, including the Sick Kids Foundation, World Vision, the Breast Cancer Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. She is currently involved in a project to raise awareness around human trafficking.

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