Paula Hutton, VWR Capital Corporation

Paula Hutton, VWR Capital Corporation

Business development manager

VWR Capital Corporation

Paula Hutton’s philosophy is simple: “You have to be there for your clients.” Hutton has been a BDM for VWR Capital Corporation since 2014 and seeks to be there not just for her clients, but everyone in the mortgage business. “I love bringing people together and organizing joint events with multiple industry partners and brokers,” she says.

Most of Hutton’s events have a charitable component, whether picking up food bank donations or Christmas gift donations for the children’s hospital. “The best part about my job is the people I get to interact with, as they are caring by nature and genuinely want to help others,” she says, 

Her industry involvement led Hutton to receive the AMBA Volunteer Award in 2014 and the WIMI Alberta Woman of the Year Award in 2016.