Luisa Hough, Xeva Mortgage

Luisa Hough, Xeva Mortgage

Mortgage broker

Xeva Mortgage

Luisa Hough established and has maintained her reputation for excellence since 1989, when she first got into the mortgage business while working for a real estate law firm. She says that experience gave her valuable insight that she uses to her clients’ advantage as a broker.

Hough has been a broker for more than 15 years and is a co-owner of Xeva Mortgage, an award-winning brokerage that, thanks in part to Hough’s leadership, has become one of the largest brokerages in Canada in its six-year existence. Described by a colleague as being “well-respected for her extensive knowledge, her warm professional manner and for the outstanding service and support she provides to her clients, peers and partners,” Hough seeks to pass on her expertise whenever possible to continue to elevate the professionalism of the industry.

“My passion in this industry is watching my clients get into their dream homes and reach their financial goals,” she says. “I focus on the longevity of my clients and am truly with them for the life of their mortgage.”