Krista Valadao, Home Trust Company

Krista Valadao, Home Trust Company

Business development manager

Home Trust Company

“Home Trust has felt like a second home to me since I graduated from university in 2011,” says Krista Valadao. She started at Home Trust in the call centre; after nine months, she began working directly with the company’s lawyers to prepare discharge statements and eventually worked her way into an underwriting role with Home Trust mortgage brokers, some of whom she still works with today as a business development manager.

“I have been in this role for 18 months and feel overwhelmingly fortunate to have a job I absolutely love,” Valadao says. “Spending my days providing mortgage professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to help their clients overcome financial hardship is my passion. From assisting clients in the call centre to helping brokers find the best mortgage solutions for said clients, the last eight years have been extremely rewarding.”

Valadao is also passionate about dance and does choreography for the Toronto Rock cheerleading team, a group she was a member of for four years and coached for three.