Jill Paish, Merix Financial

Jill Paish, Merix Financial

Executive vice-president, sales and marketing

Merix Financial

Instrumental in launching Merix Financial back in 2005, Jill Paish currently works to develop the lender’s strategic sales plans to promote growth and customer satisfaction. She’s known for her hands-on approach to building the team and providing motivation and inspiration.

“I am happy to be celebrating Merix’s 15th year in business and its success in helping over 200,000 Canadian families achieve the dream of homeownership. I believe in leading by example, actively coaching and providing mentorship, and identifying gaps and developing action plans to achieve optimum performance results,” says Paish, who attributes her success to her own mentors and her valued long-term colleagues and friends.

Outside of Merix, Paish is an active volunteer with Pawsitive Match, a rescue organization that saves dogs and cats facing life-threatening circumstances. She is an adoption processor and foster mom, taking in new dogs to ensure they receive enough love and attention to begin their rehabilitation.