Christine Buemann, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts

Christine Buemann, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts

Mortgage broker

DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts

Christine Buemann started her career as a mortgage broker in 2010, just before giving birth to her first child, and she spent the next several years focused on being the best mother, mortgage broker and businesswoman possible. Today, Buemann is working toward expanding her business throughout BC, Alberta and beyond.

“My greatest joy comes from giving to others,” she says. “The foundation of my business was built on giving. I am so encouraged to see how business – in our industry as well as so many others – is changing. More people are coming to realize the power in collaboration and supporting each other.”

In 2018, Buemann was in the top 5% of DLC brokers and consistently ranks within her brokerage’s top three brokers annually. Described by colleagues as “a rare mix of drive and execution” and “one of the increasingly small number of people who will deliver on exactly what they promise,” Buemann has made several appearances on CMP’s Young Guns list and Hot List.