Chelsea Bedard, Mission35 Mortgages

Chelsea Bedard, Mission35 Mortgages

Mortgage broker

Mission35 Mortgages

Following a seven-year career in dental hygiene, Chelsea Bedard entered the mortgage industry in 2016 – the same year she was expecting her first child. Committed to learning everything she could about increasing people’s wealth through residential mortgages and investment properties, Bedard launched into the mortgage world eager to put her clients’ goals first; to date, she has funded more than 200 mortgages.

“I thoroughly enjoy getting up early to complete some spiritual and financial reading,” she says. “I believe that giving my mind the mental reminder of positivity and financial growth will help me serve others in the best frame of mind.”

Bedard also regularly seeks out seminars to stay on top of the ever-changing mortgage industry. “It’s fun and really lets you learn your strengths and weaknesses in sales, leadership, team-building and customer service,” she says. “I strive for always doing better than I did yesterday, last month and last year – better for me and the wonderful clients I get to serve.”