Angela Canales, 403Mortgages

Angela Canales, 403Mortgages

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With more than a decade of experience in the mortgage industry, Angela Canales takes pride in being able to pair every client with the perfect product for their financial well-being. Canales has continually grown her business throughout her career, and her 403Mortgages team has won Invis’ Top Small Team Award for the Prairies for the last three years in a row. Canales actively seeks to assist others and sits on Invis’ Angels in the Night committee, which gives back to homeless shelters around Calgary.

With a drive to live every day as if it were her last, Canales says, “We are only allotted 86,400 seconds each day. Regardless of how we choose to use them, they are gone at the end of each 24-hour period. We are blessed to have the option to use them as we wish. I live life to the fullest.”

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