​CMA Standouts: Gord McCallum

​CMA Standouts: Gord McCallum

​CMA Standouts: Gord McCallum Our Mortgage Broker of the Year Candidates – along with our Top 75 – stand atop the mortgage brokering world in Canada. Read more for details on how some of them do ‘it’

GORD MCCALLUM of First Foundation Residential Mortgages

As the founder, president and CEO of First Foundation, Gord McCallum has followed a simple business strategy from the start.

“My personal business philosophy is to find something that someone needs or wants, and help them get it,” McCallum says. “If you serve that way you’ll always have something to do.”

First Foundation is known for its innovative Internet presence, blending a number of social media strategies to connect with clients and those in the industry; a strategy McCallum picked up earlier in his career, though he realizes mortgage brokering is his bread and butter.

“I try to think of the mortgage business from a business first, mortgage second point of view,” McCallum says. “I have a broad business and IT background which helps me to innovate in some ways; but if I don’t keep it in check it’s an easy way to get distracted and lose focus.”

Operating a truly diversified business model, First Foundation Residential Mortgages’ slogan is “Own, Grow, Protect,” something that is embodied in its philosophy.

“We work hard to innovate and lead online. In addition, our focus is on differentiation and offering a complete suite of services -- all brokered independently -- with the purpose of making a bank branch unnecessary for many people,” McCallum says. “We’re one of the only mortgage brokerages that I know that is fully committed to line of business differentiation; some are doing it as an add-on but our whole business is dependent on it.”

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