​CMA Standouts: Dan Eisner

​CMA Standouts: Dan Eisner

​CMA Standouts: Dan Eisner Our Mortgage Broker of the Year Candidates – along with our Top 75 – stand atop the mortgage brokering world in Canada. Read more for details on how some of them do ‘it’

DAN EISNER of True North Mortgage

Dan Eisner’s True North Mortgage may employ a unique model – that relies on upscale storefronts and salaried brokers – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be compared to more traditional mortgage businesses.

“I believe having a strategy consultant background taught me to look at our business from a competitive point of view. We constantly benchmark ourselves against our competitors,” Eisner says. “We focus on creating a brand that is defined by providing very competitive mortgage rates. You are defined by what makes you different from the next guy and we take that to heart.”

The top producing broker in CMP’s Top 75 by volume for 2012, Eisner has now tabbed on a new subsidiary to complement the mortgage business. “We recently launched a Real Estate Brokerage to exclusively support clients that receive mortgage financing from True North Mortgage,” Eisner says.

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