​CMA Standouts: Anthony Contento

​CMA Standouts: Anthony Contento

​CMA Standouts: Anthony Contento Anthony ContentoOur Mortgage Broker of the Year Candidates – along with our Top 75 – stand atop the mortgage brokering world in Canada. Read more for details on how some of them do ‘it’

ANTHONY CONTENTO of Sherwood Mortgages Your Mortgage Architects

Contento spent 25 years in the banking channel before making the move to the mortgage industry, but his brokerage is anything like a big bank; instead, he prefers to run a small and intimate office.

“It truly is a boutique environment where we all help one another,” Contento says. And when it comes to marketing, Contento prefers to engage with his customers over social media and in person; both with the goal of creating lasting relationships.

“We attend and host events where the atmosphere is laid back and where we’re not in ‘business mode,’” he says. “You get to know people outside of work mode and that’s how relationships are built.”

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