​Canada's top 75 Brokers : Christine Xu

​Canada's top 75 Brokers : Christine Xu

​Canada Christine XuCould the market be bouncing back? In its seventh year, CMP’s top brokers list received a record number of submissions and, more impressively, an increase in funded volumes. 

Making her debut in the Top Five is mortgage broker Christine Xu of Mortgage Architects in Markham, Ont. Xu funded $120,034,969 in 2013 largely on the strength of residential deals.


CMP: Is there one single opportunity brokers are letting slip through their fingers?

Xu: I don’t think that I have any secret weapon that other brokers do not have. However, if I have to come up with one thing, I think I am probably more knowledgeable in terms of understanding different lenders’ lending guidelines than average brokers. I love to read lenders’ guidelines and broker packages. Not only I am quite familiar with most of my preferred lenders’ lending criteria, I also remember details such as compounding frequencies, pre-payment limits, etc. So in front of clients, I am a true expert.

CMP: Which product was your best performer this year?

Xu: B-side equity lending.

CMP: If you use rate sites, do you feel you could have had those numbers not using a rate site?

Xu: I do not use rate sites.

CMP: What is the No. 1 marketing technique that you credit the most for building your business?

Xu: A large percentage of my business comes from repeat clients and referrals from past clients even past non-clients. I have practiced my three business principals for years and referrals keep coming: be honest, be kind and be fair.

CMP: To what do you attribute to your growing success?

Xu: I did better than last year. In fact, in the past 13 years as a mortgage agent/broker, my numbers have consistently increased every year. For me, there really is no shortcut for success but hard work, hard work and hard work.

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