Profile: Robert Mogensen of The Mortgage Advantage Financial Services Ltd.

Profile: Robert Mogensen of The Mortgage Advantage Financial Services Ltd.

Profile: Robert Mogensen of The Mortgage Advantage Financial Services Ltd. Born and raised in Vancouver, Robert Mogensen matriculated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Marketing. He started his career as a broker in Home Loans Canada (CIBC), and he has been an active player in the industry for a decade and a half now. Mogensen takes pride in his particular attention to detail, which has earned him the countless client referrals that now comprise a vast majority of his business.

Based on your transactions, how have new technologies (e.g. apps and online platforms) changed the way you conduct your business?

When I first got involved in the mortgage industry 15 years ago, most of my business was referrals from family and friends. Although that is still true now, people who do not have any connection with me increasingly manage to find me through the internet. This demonstrates the importance of one’s reputation on the web as well as your presence on social media platforms.

How has new technology affected your schedule?

It’s had some impact on my time. I regularly check message notifications to make sure I have not missed something from a potential or current client. I now actively check and return any messages or inquiries received through multiple platforms, whereas I only had to contend with email and phone calls before.

Is it advisable for a mortgage professional to maintain multiple social media accounts, considering their already heavy workloads?

Definitely. I believe it is important to have a presence on all major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These days, potential clients use these to verify that you are truly a factor in your industry. If you’re not visible, it says something about your lack of engagement in current technology, especially in the case of millennials.

It may be somewhat of a burden for busy brokers to keep up with social media, but I believe that a few minutes spent each day to keep your online presence fresh and current is very important. Younger clients and first-time buyers are looking at your content on these platforms, and if these are not relevant and current, the perception may be that you are not in touch with the current market.