Meet the man behind the industry’s first boxing event

Meet the man behind the industry’s first boxing event

Meet the man behind the industry’s first boxing event You’ve likely heard of white collar boxing. Well now the real estate industry has its very own version, which will put its own professionals against one another in real bouts for charity.

Seven years ago, an advertising executive wanted to experience the bright lights and excitement of competing in a boxing match. So he launched Agency Wars – an event specifically for ad execs who wanted to show off their pugilistic skills.

This year, that same man is bringing the sweet science to the real estate industry.

“Over the period of those years, we’ve perfected the methodology. We have two teams, red and blue; we train the boxers as a team. For a lot of these people it’s the first time they’ve ever been in a boxing ring or gym,” Michael Clancy, founder of Agency Wars and now Toronto Real Estate Rumble, said. “It’s reality show stuff; it’s amazing the transformation and drama they go through. You get in a ring, people throw punches at you, and it’s a transformative experience. We want it to be a really rewarding experience.”

A total of 24 amateur boxers – all from the real estate industry – have been chosen, following a rigorous tryout period, to take part at the event, which takes place Wednesday, November 22 in Toronto.

Clancy, who got into boxing at the age of 50, founded the events as a way for industry professionals to experience the allure of a big ticket boxing event.

“We want you to have that feeling. It’s like the ultimate fantasy. It’s a fantasy camp for boxing – you are going to work and train like a boxer for 12 weeks. We’re going to give the whole experience of the fight as well; the entourage, the robes, 600 spectators, ring card girls, cameras,” he said. “When I first put the show on I wanted to feel how Floyd Mayweather feels. We carefully put together something that gives the full experience that you’ll want to tell your grandkids about.”

The chosen boxers are currently embarking on a 10-week training program, which includes numerous weekly training sessions, nutritional counselling, and world-class coaching from elite-level boxers and trainers.

The real estate combatants will become legitimate amateur boxers, and the event is properly sanctioned by the Boxing Canada to ensure the utmost safety.

Boxers wear headgear and oversized gloves and, according to Clancy, the worst injuries that have occurred over seven years of running Agency Wars were bloody noses.

As for the real estate industry’s own iteration of the event, Clancy says those particular professionals will make perfect boxers.

“It’s very metaphorical for real estate guys: It’s a hard, competitive business and you don’t win every day,” he said.

The event is also raising money for two good causes: The We Foundation and imagine1day.

To find out more about the event, to purchase tickets, or to become a sponsor, check out the website here.