Lender founds not-for-profit for disabled youth

Lender founds not-for-profit for disabled youth

Lender founds not-for-profit for disabled youth

Private lender Wasah Malik of King Lending Capital has watched friends struggle with depression for years, and through his experiences of trying to help dig them out of impossibly deep holes he has found a new purpose.

Last week, Malik launched Farah’s Hope, a not-for-profit organization that endeavours to help aspirational youth and young adults with physical and mental disabilities achieve their goals. Composed of volunteers, which keeps administration costs to a minimum, Farah’s Hope will provide grants and bursaries for tuition fees, course materials, lecture costs, and activity classes.

“We fundraise from the general public, and we offer tax receipts,” said Malik. “The pool of funds that we generate from the public for people living in the Greater Toronto Area, aged 16 to 24, who are trying to overcome the limitations of their disabilities, whatever they may be. We want to help them in any way we can so that they can feel good about themselves, be it by taking a course or enrolling in an activity, or something more, because sky’s the limit, but sometimes people need a helping hand.”

Farah’s Hope also plans on rolling out a series of free lectures in which inspirational figures will share their stories.

Malik’s experiences have given way to the realization that he desires nothing more than alleviating other people’s suffering. People felled by disability, whether physical, mental, or both, face longer odds, and Malik intends on giving them the best chance possible.

“Through my own experiences, I arrived at a deep realization that there is a lot of suffering in this world and I must fulfil a certain part of my destiny that focuses on serving humanity,” reads Malik’s message on the Farah’s Hope website. “Now, I endeavour to alleviate as much of suffering as I humanly can. My dream is to build an empire that serves the world, and one that will survive long after I’ve left this world, in a state of repose. Seeing people suffer from depression helped me understand the fact that countless other people struggle through the same or tougher challenges. People felled by physical and mental disabilities, too, want to achieve things, often against all odds.”

The organization is named after Malik’s mother, whom he credits as an inspirational force in his life. She has dedicated her life making the world a better place, and instilled those values in Malik.

“I’ve dedicated the fund to my mom, Farah,” said Malik. “As a child, she was always there to support, guide and teach me; she helped me decipher right from wrong and how important it is to spread love.”