Kyle Green highlights the advantages of an early start

Kyle Green highlights the advantages of an early start

Kyle Green highlights the advantages of an early start

Taking a first stab at the mortgage space at the age of 19 might prove daunting for most teenagers, but this did not discourage Kyle Green, owner of DLC Homeline Mortgages and its subsidiary Green Mortgage Ltd., from entering the industry back in November 2006.

“When I was first hired, I was told that new brokers were making $50,000/year – and at 19, I thought that was pretty cool. I decided that I would own a Porsche by the time I hit 30,” Green said.

What began as a gold rush soon grew into a quest for continuous self-improvement, building on Green’s inclinations towards the financial market.

“I realized there is no ceiling in this business and you get out of it what you put into it,” Green said. “I really didn’t have many expectations when I got into the business – I didn’t know what a mortgage broker did – but I quickly learned that my passions for people, money, and numbers would align well with this industry.”

This drive served Green well, giving him the means to cultivate his career.

“I started working at the head office of Meridian Mortgage Services, which had about 25 franchises in BC,” Green said. “I stayed on the team while they sold their franchise network to Mortgage Alliance, and in 2009 I started building my own client base and brand, under their franchise. I became a partner around 2015 or 2016.”

Green’s early starts, along with the learning he has accumulated over the years, provided him with the tools he needed to navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve been referencing the subprime crisis a lot right now as there are a lot of parallels between that market and this one during COVID-19,” Green said. “The market was tough, very few people were buying, and most of the business available at the time was refinancing business.”

“It was a fast market and I learned a lot from that experience, and I found that experience better prepared me for what we experienced during COVID-19,” Green said “We were able to find about $16 million in new refinance volume during COVID-19 that was a direct result of learning hard lessons in 2008.”