Jason Friesen on self-care and the best possible service

Jason Friesen on self-care and the best possible service

Jason Friesen on self-care and the best possible service

With 19 years of industry experience under his belt, Jason Friesen, managing partner of Outline Financial, said that he has built up more than enough know-how to provide a high standard of service to clients.

But it was a brush with a life-changing illness in 2016 that truly shaped Friesen’s ethos as a broker.

“It’s funny how you think everything in life is great and then it’s all pulled out from under you in the blink of an eye,” Friesen said. “After eight months of serious treatment I was finally healthy again, but it helped me gain a new perspective on what really matters in life. I am so fortunate that I’ve surrounded myself with a great team from the very start that allowed me the time to heal and get healthy.”

The input of Friesen’s team proved invaluable during this crisis.

“I worked even while going through treatment; I was answering emails and taking calls while in the hospital. My team rose to the occasion and my business actually grew the year I was sick,” Friesen said. “It made me realize that there was more to life than just work, and so over the last few years I have really focused on creating the right life-work balance for not only myself but for my staff.”

Friesen said that this awareness has helped him provide the best possible service through his organization.

“My mental and physical health are now a top priority,” Friesen said. “I realize that without a healthy mind and a strong body, I cannot give my best to my clients, partners, team and my family. I take a ton of pride in watching those around me grow and succeed.”

This outlook is reflected in the solid rapport that Outline Financial maintains with clients, Friesen said.

“My team and I are hyper-focused on customer service. The reality of the situation is that everyone wants great rates, but in these trying times we are seeing the value of service and knowledge is just as important,” Friesen said. “Service/knowledge has always been our value proposition. Our partners and clients know that they can lean on us to get the answers they need, in an unbiased fashion.”

The strategy has tangible effects beyond much-needed positivity in the era of COVID-19.

“I work with just as many first-time buyers as I do move-up buyers entering the luxury market,” Friesen said. “I’m passionate about educating clients and creating that foundation, and that is why we have such a high rate of repeat business and client referrals. We take a deep dive up front and spend the time to ensure our clients are in control, and give them the info they need to make an educated decision every step of the way.”