Industry vet recounts harrowing childhood in best-seller

Industry vet recounts harrowing childhood in best-seller

Industry vet recounts harrowing childhood in best-seller

Kyra Wong is a prominent figure in the mortgage industry, and after contributing a chapter to a best-selling book, expect even more people to recognize her.

The district vice president at Manulife Bank contributed a chapter to Wow Woman of Worth: Empower with the Power of Collaboration called The Magical Life, in which she recounted adversities she has faced at various stages in her life and how she overcame them.

“What was nice about it is I was approached to write it as a result of the Magical Unicorn Project and when I saw that it was collaboration with other women and that all proceeds went to charity, I thought ‘How could I not do this?’” she said. “It’s win-win all around.”

Wong’s chapter is an at times harrowing tale about her childhood that she says, at 3,000 words, provides only a snapshot of her life. Upon being disowned by her parents and dealing with what she describes as “being massively rejected,” Wong eventually found her way.

“I mention that I lost my parents young in life, but not through death,” she said. “I explain that in the book and it helps people understand where I come from, why I’m as different as I am, because I don’t fit into the corporate box but I’ve been successful because I believe in what I’m doing and I have a passion for helping people.”

Spearheading The Magical Unicorn project, which helps women become better versions of themselves—and encourages great men to support them—is only one way in which Wong keeps herself busy these days.

“I’m hoping to encourage more women to go out there and not be afraid and to take risks, be bold and go after their dreams. Live a life that they really want and live a truly empowered life. That’s what my Magical Unicorn Project is all about. I talk about it in the chapter and I’m hoping to achieve greater awareness, promote equality, diversity and inclusion, and doing it in a way that it isn’t deemed a battle of sexes. The whole reason it’s Unicorn is the ‘uni’ in Latin means ‘oneness.’ I don’t see equality as a battle between men and women, I see it as something we’re working on together with oneness.”