Catherine Ellis on the value of an education-focused approach to mortgages

Catherine Ellis on the value of an education-focused approach to mortgages

Catherine Ellis on the value of an education-focused approach to mortgages

With more than a decade of well-developed industry experience, Catherine Ellis of VERICO XEVA Mortgage says that her career thus far has been an extension of her passion for educating others on the finer points of making good fiscal decisions.

“I got into the mortgage industry to assist others in achieving financial freedom,” Ellis told MBN. “I am passionate about financial literacy and education, and I felt drawn to the sector to assist people with one of the most exciting steps of their lives, home ownership.”

Ellis described the service she provides as an “education-focused practice” that strives to be at the forefront of industry changes, including the integration of “technology and face-to-face (virtual) communication to ensure no steps get missed.”

Ellis currently runs her BC-based VERICO XEVA branch, Mortgages by Catherine. Having been in the industry since 2009, and having been licensed since 2013, Ellis admitted that her expectations about working in the mortgage space “have been blown out of the water.”

“I have been able to see my clients reach their goals, attain financial freedom, and acquire secondary properties, and I have assisted people with budgeting, planning, financial literacy, and getting into a sometimes daunting and challenging real estate environment,” Ellis said.

Working with first-time home buyers and self-employed clients, along with those looking to build investment portfolios, has prompted Ellis to continuously refine the services she offers.

“I love problem solving, and this sector requires out-of-the-box thinking, a solutions-based mindset, and a compassionate and caring approach, which are all characteristics that I foster,” Ellis said.

Her meticulousness has brought Ellis and her brokerage significant acclaim, with honours that run the gamut from VERICO XEVA’s Best Overall Growth award (2017) to Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Women of Influence award (2018-2020).

Ellis notes that these achievements would have been much harder without a sufficiently skilled team “with aligned values” around her.

“The most challenging piece has been growth and finding the best members to join your team to manage client expectations and set boundaries, alongside personal health issues,” Ellis said. “I have navigated both challenges over the past [few] years of my practice, and I have determined in 2021 to continue to show compassion, provide education-focused service, listen, set boundaries, and strengthen the client experience.”