Brokerage sees value in Quebec

Brokerage sees value in Quebec

Brokerage sees value in Quebec

TMG The Mortgage Group is expanding into Quebec, amid the province’s growing prosperity, launching Le Groupe Hypothécaire TMG on April 2.

Real estate transactions in Quebec have been on an upward trajectory the last few years and show nary a sign of dissipation, according to Le Groupe Hypothécaire TMG’s vice president for the Quebec region.

“All the real estate transactions are on the upside,” said Claude Girard. “There’s positive growth in the market in Quebec and the economic forecasters say it will be positive for the next year.”

The company’s provincial headquarters will be in Montreal, the city at the epicentre of Quebec’s real estate boom, but it will service the entire province.

“I think the stars aligned in Montreal,” continued Girard. “All the industries here are doing very well. It’s the home base of Bombardier and the aeronomical industry here in general. Also, the video game industry is big here with some serious companies, and we have good universities, so I would say the stars aligned. Unemployment is also very low here and confidence in the market is positive.”

Girard is lauded as the man to lead TMG’s charge into the province. He has represented the Quebec region at Mortgage Professional Canada, being elected a second consecutive term  as Treasurer on MPC’s Executive Board of Directors. He also has over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage and financial industries, having spent time at Laurentian Bank and Financial Group.

His plans for Canada’s largest province are predicated on an aggressive recruitment plan.

“When you start a company, you need to establish roots, but the strategy will be in line with the TMG philosophy,” said Girard. “They have good values and vision and my strategy will be to recruit good brokers who have good ethics and integrity."


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