Anne Brill: A celebrated career based on long running passion

Anne Brill: A celebrated career based on long running passion

Anne Brill: A celebrated career based on long running passion

Initially intended to be just a side gig, the mortgage space became a long-running passion for Anne Brill (pictured), principal broker, owner, and author at the Toronto-based Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions Inc.

“I worked as a banker for my early years and stumbled upon the mortgage industry, which I thought would be extra income while I was doing financial planning, but I ended up loving the mortgage industry and still love it today,” Brill told MBN. “My expectation of earning extra money was met and I realized how much I love this industry and am now doing it full-time.”

This accolade-filled commitment to mortgages has prevailed for more than a decade, with Brill working for seven years as a broker-owner and seven years as an agent.

As for the main ingredient of her success, Brill pointed to her ability to help clients through proper budgeting, thus increasing their cash flow and decreasing their overall cost of borrowing.

Apart from competence in the technical aspects of assembling deals, Brill feels a more personal touch goes a long way.

“I am able to relate to clients and help them reach their potential,” Brill said. “A specific thing I do is meet people face-to-face to get to know them and help determine their dreams and goals. That helps in offering options to them that they truly believe.”

The approach works particularly well in segments that might be more reluctant to dive into borrowing.

“I am a reverse mortgage specialist, and I help clients overcome their preconceived notions on the product,” Brill said. “Reverse mortgages are about lifestyle versus interest rate. I provide a solution to older clientele to stay in their homes and truly enjoy life, versus worrying about mortgage payments.”