Angela Calla on starting – and staying – at the top

Angela Calla on starting – and staying – at the top

Angela Calla on starting – and staying – at the top

Honed by 16 years of award-winning service, industry veteran and author Angela Calla (pictured) is the leader of her own, eponymous mortgage team at Dominion Lending Centres.

Her association with one of Canada’s leading networks has deep roots.

“I was one of the very first brokers at DLC when they started in January 2006,” Calla told MBN.

The partnership has become all but permanent. Through the years, Calla said that she has worked with a focus on personal growth and keeping “the people that share your core values close.”

Operating with such a close-knit team helped Calla come through the unprecedented crises of 2020 with flying colours. In August of last year, she reached a massive professional landmark: $1 billion in funded personal mortgage volume.

Aside from being one of the mainstays in several lists of the nation’s top brokers, Calla has also written the best-selling book The Mortgage Code. Her unmatched palette of experience has given her a unique, piercing perspective into a constantly evolving industry.

“I am always adapting strategy to our changing market, demographics and available products,” Calla said. “I also think my ability to adapt quickly and identify opportunities for others has been the biggest benefit to our clients.”

And with a passion for educating people on how to acquire the best possible mortgage, Calla has been hosting The Mortgage Show on CKNW AM 980 for more than a decade now.

Calla cited this detail-oriented approach as her guiding ethos throughout her career as a broker.

“There are so many options available to borrowers based on lifestyle, the economic market, and property type,” Calla said. “Learning how to turn the tables to empower Canadians and give them the best advantage in a sea of options is exhilarating – the contribution you get to make to the success of each family’s personal journey.”