• The future looks bright

    Alex Lavender has only been a mortgage agent for two and a half years, but he’s already surpassed expectations—a trend line slated to continue through this year

  • Broker of Year nearly quit

    If one name is synonymous with mortgages in Halifax, it’s Clinton Wilkins. The Centum Home Lenders Ltd. broker is a regular sight on television and among Atlantic Canada’s real estate community

  • Meet the inaugural Woman of Distinction

    Veronica Love, winner of the inaugural award for Woman of Distinction at the 13th annual Canadian Mortgage Awards, hasn’t been in the industry long, but she’s already made quite an impression on her peers

  • CMA winners reflect on success

    The 13th annual Canadian Mortgage Awards this past Friday featured a slew of repeat winners as well as first-timers, and what a night it was to remember!

  • Crusader for egalitarianism

    Kyra Wong is turning the financial space on its head

  • Amid market turbulence, broker funds over $200m

    In a down market like Vancouver’s, Elvis Hui managed to fund over $200 million mortgages last year because he understands where the business is

  • Top 1% producer mentors young agents

    There's more to brokering than securing clients the best lender rate possible. Just ask Hercules Galang

  • Top producers double as financial advisers

    The Vine Group has been the top-producing team in the Mortgage Alliance family for the past two years, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s on pace to set yet another record year

  • Newton Connectivity Systems fills tech gap

    Geoff Willis may have one of the most unheralded jobs in the mortgage industry, but rest assured that brokers, lenders and borrowers are thankful he’s leading Newton Connectivity Systems

  • Revisiting the '90s recession

    The 1990s were a bleak period in Canadian history. The country was mired in deep recession and urban poverty affected a disquieting number of Canadians, particularly in Montreal, where 41.2% of the population lived in poverty during the first half of the decade