• The new kid on the block

    A serial entrepreneur backed by high-level customer service experience, Paul Davidescu of Level Up Mortgages is on a mission to transform the mortgage process

  • Making connections

    Veronica Love of TMG The Mortgage Group is one of those people in the mortgage industry who knows everybody. You don't get to that level of trust and connectedness without everybody wanting to know you, too

  • The consumer debt problem

    Some industry players might be concerned about mortgage borrowing, but it's reckless consumer debt that the country needs to worry about, writes Chris Kolinski

  • A next-generation broker

    Breaking into the industry is no easy task, but Chris Bargis of Mortgage Edge is climbing the social media ladder to the top

  • Across the finish line

    Linda Tosini has spent the past 16 years going the distance for her clients, an approach that has made her one of Multi-Prêts' most valuable assets

  • A solid foundation

    We teach our kids all we can about life and how to live it – but we need to do more to teach them about money, savings and credit, writes Anne Brill

  • Trish Pigott on the winding path to industry success

    Experience, hard work, and a deep hunger for further learning are key to long-term success in the industry

  • Happiness as a measure of success

    Mortgage Excellence owner Derek Loose knew that in order to achieve true success, he needed to redefine it

  • Phase two

    Enza Venuto had already had a lifetime's worth of success before she got into the broker channel at age 50. Turns out she was just getting started

  • Preparing for the storm

    A wave of mortgage defaults and declining home prices is on the horizon – and lenders need to act now to protect the portfolios, write Tamara Watson and Michael McWilliams