• Revisiting the '90s recession

    The 1990s were a bleak period in Canadian history. The country was mired in deep recession and urban poverty affected a disquieting number of Canadians, particularly in Montreal, where 41.2% of the population lived in poverty during the first half of the decade

  • CMI growing into private lender of choice

    Bryan Jaskolka had not always planned to work in the mortgage industry, but he did have entrepreneurship coursing through his veins

  • Brokers are the once and future experts

    Amid greater rejection rates from banks in the B-20 environment, MERIX rises to the challenge

  • Common sense lending

    Part of Rajan Kaushal's lending philosophy is that serviceability expectations shouldn't be stringent

  • Hardnosed and humble

    Kathy Gregory is the brash, hardnosed CEO of Paradigm Quest, and as successful as her firm has become since launching 14 years ago, she’s quick to share credit.

  • Flipping cards to financing condos

    David Mandel has always had entrepreneurial spirit. Imparted by his father, who was in the variety store business, Mandel, a third-grader, took hockey and baseball cards on consignment, then flipped them for a premium

  • Leaving no child behind

    In its fourth year, Brokering Wishes in Atlantic Canada endeavours to grant 16 wishes this year

  • Changing the conversation

    First National sales manager Doreen Walsh was all set for a career in law – until her short stint in the mortgage industry became permanent

  • Switching gears

    There is life after brokering after all

  • Will a global association affect brokers’ autonomy?

    What does the newly announced International Mortgage Broker Federation mean for Canadian brokers?