Women in industry looking forward to 2018 CMAs

Women in industry looking forward to 2018 CMAs

Women in industry looking forward to 2018 CMAs The 2017 Canadian Mortgage Awards recognized the growing contributions women make in the traditionally male-dominated mortgage industry, and a couple of last year’s winners hope the momentum continues at this year’s show on April 20.

Ameera Ameerullah, CEO of Canada Mortgage and Financial Group—and last year’s winner of the Best Alternative Lending Broker of the Year award—was heartened to see so many leading women in the industry win awards, and says it’s a testament to an industry that both brims with opportunity and rewards hard work.

“I noticed a lot more women were recognized in 2017, which was good to see,” she said. “I went to the CMAs in 2016 as well, and for the last year there was a huge difference to see more women being recognized and being mentioned. In the past year, we saw more women on that stage and it was very motivating. The industry is recognizing more women, even though it’s a male-dominated industry, and has been for a long time.”

Ameerullah has noticed how much more prominent women have become in developing the very products and solutions that have helped the industry weather storm after storm, usually in the form of governmental regulation.
She called last year’s Canadian Mortgage Awards their coming out party, and expects more of the same this spring.

“More women are not suppressing themselves and they’re also creating products and options, and making themselves known in the process,” said Ameerullah. “That helps to bring more recognition to their presences—who they are, what they do, and what they do with other industry members. At the CMAs, there were a lot of women there that came out.”

Bernadette Laxamana won last year’s award for Mortgage Broker of the Year, Fewer than 25 Employees when she was with XEVA Mortgage, and extolled the increasing plaudits women received at last year’s CMAs, adding Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Women of Influence report has become revered in industry circles.

“To see more women being honoured and to see more women being celebrated just makes me more proud and more hopeful,” she said, “because there are a lot of unsung heroes who are women. To see there are more women we can look up to and be inspired by is something that I think gives a lot of other women possibilities for the future.”

As for the whirlwind experience of winning a Canadian Mortgage Award, Ameerullah says the industry immediately recognized the feat and began reaching out in droves to Canada Mortgage and Financial Group.

“Winning the award created a lot of exposure and it brought a lot of attention to Canadian Mortgage and Financial Group,” she said. “More brokers and lenders started reaching out, so having that recognition definitely gave our business a boost.”

Mary Grace Tatangelo of The Mortgage Centre Pilrock Mortgages won the award for Best Community Service Effort of the Year at the 2017 CMAs, and says the bright light the award shone on the Hospice Vaughan, a charity she tirelessly supports, made winning extra special.

“I am a big advocate supporting end of life care, and being recognized in my industry for the community work I do has helped me not only promote my business, but the charity I support as well,” she said, adding the Canadian Mortgage Awards has become a crucial vehicle for supporting the industry coast to coast.

“It’s really important to recognize people that go above and beyond their duties and responsibilities, and do great things for their clients. It’s a great way to say ‘thank you,’ and it helps us build our brand and makes us stand out from the rest.”

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