WIMI to honour leading ladies

WIMI to honour leading ladies

WIMI to honour leading ladies The popular female-focused industry group is getting together in Jasper to honour some of the industry’s most inspiring women.

“We decided to have the WIMI Glam and Awards, which is an hour and a half reception prior to the AMBA Under the Stars Awards night,” Hali Noble, SVP residential mortgage investments & broker relations at Fisgard Capital and one of WIMI's founders, told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. “We get together, have a couple cocktails, and network. It’s a time and a place for ladies in the industry who are brokers, lenders, BDMs, and service providers to get together and celebrate the industry. Kind of a pre-party to the party.

“This year, we’re giving out two awards. They’ll be given out Sunday.”

Women in the Industry (WIMI) has grown substantially since its inception less than two years ago. And it was recently honoured with a Canadian Mortgage Award for Best Industry Service Provider.

“We started with the three of us less than two years ago and it was just a closed Facebook group. As of right now, there are 2,558. It’s a huge group. We just won an award at the CMAs and it was awesome,” Noble said. “How it’s grown is incredible. And the information we provide; it’s a free group and honestly these ladies talk 24/7 all across the country. They’re getting stuff done and it’s quite inspiring to see.”

This is the second year in a row the group will recognize two individuals with WIMI awards.

And it’s the first year they have gotten together with industry partners to help one of their own in need. The group held a contest for its Fort McMurray members to help one attend the AMBA conference free of charge.

“Our lenders stepped up and one provided a delegate pass, one provided a hotel room one night, another provided another hotel room, another provided a $500 gift card to bring this person from Fort McMurray, whose had a tough time, to the event,” Noble said.