‘Viking of the mortgage industry’ conquers the airwaves

‘Viking of the mortgage industry’ conquers the airwaves

‘Viking of the mortgage industry’ conquers the airwaves If you listen to the radio – specifically 102.1 The Edge in Toronto – you might have noticed a unique advertisement by a mortgage broker who refers to himself as the Mortgage Warrior.

“When I first started this ten or 11 years ago, I had to come up with something that set me apart,” Steve Dostal, a mortgage broker with Clarity Mortgage Inc., told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. “We came up with the Mortgage Warrior; I’m a big, 6’5” 300 pound former rugby and hockey player … I look like a Viking, I’m a big redheaded guy and I’ve been rolling with that since 2010.”

One of the first things that comes to mind when hearing Dostal speak is that he has a voice made for radio – and he regularly makes appearances on 102.1 The Edge as an industry expert.

“If something major in the industry happens they will call me up and I’ll go in and discuss it,” Dostal said. “When the Bank of Canada lowered its rate, they had me come in and do a brief synopsis on what that could mean for people and what it could mean if rates go higher.

“At the end of the day, (102.1 the Edge Parent company) Corus radio has been amazing for my business.”

The gig with 102.1 was the result of an advertising campaign Dostal launched on the radio.

Dostal got his start sponsoring former Edge 102.1 jockey Todd Shapiro’s podcast, and that caught the eye of the Toronto rock station.

“I was on Todd Shapiro’s show, I sponsor his show, and what happened was the people on 102.1 The Edge overheard me on his show and they liked how I spoke on the radio and they figured the Mortgage Warrior was something that would stick out with its listeners,” Dostal said. “They reached out to me and I’ve been with them for the last eight months and I just renewed for another year.”

And his radio spots are definitely on-brand.

“On the ice it’s easy to spot the warrior; he is the player that goes in first, does the tough jobs, and gives everything to support his teammates and the team,” Dostal says in one advertisement. “He is not afraid to take on the toughest challenger. I am Steve Dostal of Clarity Mortgage and I am your Mortgage Warrior.”

His ads still appear on The Edge, but it’s his appearances on the popular Toronto radio station that have likely been the biggest boon for business.
  • Ron Price/DLC 2015-10-15 11:41:47 AM
    Way to go Steve, awesome way to stand out from the crowd.
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  • Steve Dostal 2015-10-15 1:09:02 PM
    Thanks for the support!
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  • Victor Simone 2015-10-15 7:32:55 PM
    Hey Viking, I like they ring of that.
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