Verico conference draws a 'full house'

Verico conference draws a 'full house'

Verico conference draws a -- Las Vegas

Hundreds of Verico brokers and agents are now wrapping up a three-day conference in Las Vegas, with a roster filled to the brim with professional development but also lender appreciation for the network’s “high rollers.”

Today, a broker panel and a Lender Fest will be among those events closing off the conference, which Monday night saw Verico’s inaugural gala awards ceremony claim delegate's attention. The awards are specific to Verico high flyers and those exemplifying the network’s attention to detailed professionalism.

The ceremony saw lender after lender take to the stage at the Bellagio Grand Ballroom to single out their individual high rollers.

It’s an effort to acknowledge not only the high-volume individual brokers but also the loyalty those players continue to demonstrate in an increasingly competitive and mature market where top mortgage professionals are more and more sought-after as lending partners.

Outside of the pomp and pageantry of the gala, delegates drawn from across Canada – some coming as far away as St. John’s – have focused on cementing their ties with each other and upping their social media, marketing and other increasingly vital business development skills.

The event has already won praise as the best the network has ever hosted.

Among those offering plaudits was Michael Ellenzweig, who steps away from his post at CAAMP this year. He, himself, was honoured at the Verico gala Monday for a career in the industry spanning more than two decades and for helping lead brokers to greater political influence in Ottawa and, indeed, with consumers.