VERICO broker on the irreplaceable value of decades-long experience

VERICO broker on the irreplaceable value of decades-long experience

VERICO broker on the irreplaceable value of decades-long experience

With more than half a century of experience to his name, Sharnjit Gill (pictured) of BC-based VERICO Superior Mortgage Inc. is one of the few who can lay claim to having lived through the titanic changes that the financial industry has gone through.

Gill has served clients in India; London and Leicestershire, UK; and Surrey and Abbotsford, BC for over 52 years. Upon migrating to Canada in 1995, Gill worked with Bank of Montreal, Surrey, BC up to 2000.

“While working in BMO, I was helping the communities with their mortgage needs,” Gill told MBN. “The clients need proper guidance and expert opinion. They are intelligent to see through that we work for their interest only.”

Gill began as sub-mortgage broker in 2001, and rose to become one of the top producing brokers at Envision Credit Union (eventually VERICO Superior Mortgage Inc.) in 2002.

“I’ve never looked back,” Gill said. “We have been ranked among the Top Mortgage Brokers in CMP for the last 10 years on consistent basis.”

Operating with the mantra “Doing what is right for our clients,” Gill said that his brokerage continues “to add value to our services and demonstrate the same to our clients. To stay at the top, you have to toil twice as hard.”

This ascent was anything but easy, even to a financial professional with decades of experience.

“Starting as an independent broker was difficult, but within a short period, everything fell in its place,” Gill recounted. “We started early morning on weekends giving out pamphlets to addresses close to our home and to our office. We would review what kind of response we got from that area in the following 7-10 days. And in place of having a community paper put our flyers in the newspaper, we went around by our locale and found where those community newspapers were dropped and put our pamphlets in ourselves. We did this for the first two to three years of becoming independent. It really helped spread our name for our business in our community.”

Through all of these years, the guiding light that Gill’s parents gave him has proven crucial to the success of his ventures.

“My parents taught me a simple thing: work more than you are paid for. And we work very hard for every one of our clients,” Gill said. “Educating and maintaining transparency with our clients really helps. This approach makes the client realize we are working for them and not for the bank, which helps in not only closing the said deal but also retaining the client for future needs.”