Using Twitter to bolster your community... and client base

Using Twitter to bolster your community... and client base

Using Twitter to bolster your community... and client base

It may be impossible to quantify exactly how much business Twitter drives to a company, but one leading broker – who has organized successful community events through Twitter to bolster his hometown’s economy – believes the social media platform is invaluable for building connections.

“I’ve never put a number to how much business was attained through social media and it’s impossible to do so,” Rob Campbell of Verico the Mortgage Wellness Group told “A perfect example (of social media driving business), though: a new prospect emailed me saying she was up for a renewal saying she had read my name in the local paper about me helping local businesses.”

The woman may have read about the flash mob that Campbell organized to help bolster the community – an event he planned entirely on Twitter.

“The businesses were hurting a shutting down so I said let’s have flash mob but with cash,” Campbell said. “The objection was to inject some life back into Guelph’s economy; the intent was to create some goodwill in the community.

Or perhaps it was the event Campbell organized – again, almost entirely through Twitter – that had 130 local business owners attend to learn about increasing local awareness of local brand positioning. An event that featured two well-known authors.

I was in conversations via Twitter with John Morgan, a branding expert and New York Times bestselling author (of Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition),” Campbell said. “We took the conversation offline and came about an agreement on how to get him up here (for the event).”

Adding to the expert panel, Campbell reached out to Scott Stratten, president of UnMarketing and one of Forbe’s Top 10 influencers in social media to speak as well.

Campbell’s intention wasn’t to drive clients to his own business; but he admits that his efforts in the community have led to clients knocking on his door. He believes his use of Twitter has contributed to his success. He also believes there is a proper way to use Twitter as a business development tool.

“Engagement with people and building awareness in my community as a builder and a leader; let’s get away from followers and talk about community engagement and awareness.”

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    #beastmode - The Rob Campbell comes to play baby. Whatever that means!

    Rob is a great example of how to do business socially. Brokers wanting to learn more about leveraging social media to build their business would do well to talk with Rob, he is one of the most approachable guys in the business!
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    Thanks Jackson, much appreciated.
    Cheque is in the mail :)
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