Two-time CMA winner on how the awards helped her career

Two-time CMA winner on how the awards helped her career

Two-time CMA winner on how the awards helped her career

Where are they now?

The Canadian Mortgage Awards (CMA) rewards excellence and recognizing those who excel in various facets of the industry; but what tangible affect can one have on a career? One two-time winner believes the recognition played a role in her upward trajectory.

“After winning (The Mortgage Centre Award for Best Lender BDM of the Year in 2012) I became a team lead of inside sales at Merix, doing the training and coaching,” Rachelle Gregory-Marshall told “The award showed that my success and experience and helped recognize that.”

It was the second award Gregory-Marshall had won, following her 2010 recognition for The Mortgage Centre Award for Best Newcomer Lender BDM winner. She was gracious in crediting her former employer, Merix, with helping her win the first award.

“Merix had just, over the past couple years, launched (its) inside sales program that was a lot more accessible than what brokers were used to,” she said. “BDMs are on the road a lot and that new kind of sales model put us out there and attracted customers because I was so accessible and able to answer questions.”

And now, Gregory-Marshall is the Manager, Innovation and Evaluation at Paradigm Quest. A career shift she believes was helped along by her CMA awards.

“Being in sales, everything is all about numbers. I had the numbers but it’s hard to put your finger on whether customers like you,” she said. “The award showed that I was good at developing relationships. It helped me become more of a coach to other sales people in the company.”

Voting for the 2014 CMAs – set for May 9 -- is now open and we’ve put together a helpful video on how to vote.