Two brokers teach public about financial literacy

Two brokers teach public about financial literacy

Two brokers teach public about financial literacy

A father and daughter mortgage team is giving back to the community by teaching financial literacy to entire families.

“We have really taken a special interest in educating people by hosting various workshops and seminars,” Alisa Aragon of Dominion Lending Centres Casa Mortgage told "We are really pleased to be able to inspire adults and the entire family about financial literacy."

Together with her father and business partner, Jorge Aragon, the team aims to educate parents and their children by teaching the financial basics on: saving money, including information on good and bad credit; how credit work; the power of saving a mere 10 per cent of earnings; and other useful tips. Their seminars are based on the EnRiched Academy program that was endorsed by Bruce Croxon and Jim Treliving of the Dragon’s Den.

And the Arogans have taken their initiative one step further by setting up a program for students in B.C. schools.

“We embraced the fact that November was financial literacy month and we hosted a couple of presentations in Vancouver and Surrey,” Aragon said. “But most importantly, we have reached out to high schools in the Lower Mainland and have been doing presentation to students in grade 10 as part of their grade 10 planning class.”

The duo has events planned at various schools through January and February and they plan on continuing to add educational dates throughout the rest of the year.

  • Elfie Hayes 2014-01-06 5:09:01 PM
    Kodoos to you Alisa and Jorge!

    I love to hear about Mortgage Agents that are doing something to make a positive impact on our business and ultimately on their own bottom line.

    Each week I read articles about why brokers buy down rates to compete, so its refreshing to hear that you are offering values added services instead of cutting rates as a business model.

    My office has been serving Durham Region for 14 years. We are now the largest Mortgage Intelligence office in Durham and in all that time we have never positioned ourselves as a rate discounter. The result is we have grown to 11 full-time mortgage agents, generating great business volumes, building sustainable lender partnerships and living on referrals and repeat customers.

    It hasn't been easy but then most things in life worth having mean somebody worked for it!

    According to the recent article in the Globe and Mail, consumers are looking to our industry for education and are less focused on rate.

    Great success to you in 2014. Keep a positive mindset and stay true to your ideals.
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