True North no longer advertising on

True North no longer advertising on

True North no longer advertising on True North Mortgage announced in an official release Monday that it will no longer advertise its rates on

“As a Board we could not get past the fact that James Laird now controls more than 50 per cent of the stock. In our minds this would give RateHub’s proposed mortgage brokerage division too much influence,” Dan Eisner, CEO of True North Mortgage said in the release. “Even a small change to their algorithms could have a significant influence on the quality of leads sent to True North Mortgage.”

True North Mortgage has been one of the popular rate site’s biggest supporters. However, has come under fire following the announcement that a RateHub mortgage brokerage is set to be established later this year.

The reason for True North Mortgage’s pulled support is due to a business model it views will give an unfair advantage to the fledgling RateHub brokerage.

“The True North Mortgage Board doesn't feel the fairness and integrity of can be maintained when one listed Broker pays nothing for a lead while all other listed Brokers pay for leads,” Eisner said. “We feel, given the new business model, the only way to maintain equity within the system is to not charge any broker just as does today.”

True North will continue to support other rate sites.

“Each Broker out there must make their own business decision that they feel is good for them, their clients, and their shareholders,” Eisner said. “For True North Mortgage it will be spending our advertising dollars with the other rate comparison sites that don't come with the risks of apparent and hidden self-dealing.”
  • Anonymous Broker 2014-07-23 4:19:20 PM
    Life lesson for Eisner here: Be careful with who you go to bed with, because sometimes you wake up with an STD.
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  • Ron Butler 2014-07-23 4:28:23 PM
    @ Anonymous Broker............ please stay anonymous. Life Lesson for you: on the best day of your life you would not measure up to the heel of Dan Eisner's shoe as far as the mortgage brokerage business is concerned. You should worry about moving your mortgage practise out of your parents basement before you start mouthing off "life lessons" to a Billion Dollar broker.
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