TREB data to open up

TREB data to open up

TREB data to open up The competition tribunal has ordered the Toronto Real Estate Board to open its data up to the public.

"I welcome today’s order by the Competition Tribunal requiring the Toronto Real Estate Board to permit member agents to use and display critical data on virtual office websites,” John Pecman, commissioner of competition, said. “The Bureau remains focused on ensuring that consumers benefit from innovation and competition in the provision of real estate services."

An order issued by the Competition Tribunal will require TREB to remove restrictions on sold data that its agents have access to.

“TREB’s member agents can use the data in innovative ways to offer consumers the convenience of data‑driven insights into home sales prices and trends via the web and to improve the efficiency and quality of their services,” the Competition Bureau said in a release. “The order follows the Tribunal’s ruling in favour of the Commissioner of Competition in April, where it concluded that TREB ‎has abused its dominant position in the Toronto residential real estate services market, restricting the ability of its member realtors to offer innovative services over the internet.”

TREB plans to appeal the decision.
  • A concerned Realtor 2016-06-06 4:00:58 PM
    What about he publics right to privacy? Also a deal is never done until it is closed bu the lawyers. If the public knows house sales before closings the sellers will lose in the end.
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  • Dave 2016-06-06 5:57:24 PM

    What about the publics right to housing sales info and important data? Just like the U.S. has now on zillow and other websites. You dont hear realtors down there complaining like the wussies and wimp realtors in Canada.

    Realtor cartels have been hiding and skewing info for years, just like the sold over asking BS when the listing was pulled 5 times before at higher asking prices. What a joke.
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  • Evan 2016-06-07 10:52:53 AM
    They are not releasing confidential client information, so there is no breach of confidentiality. Also, it is the realtor that reports when a home sale has occurred... so if the information hit the reporting prior to the actual closing, wouldn't that be the realtors fault?
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