TransUnion set to challenge Equifax on D+H Expert

TransUnion set to challenge Equifax on D+H Expert

TransUnion set to challenge Equifax on D+H Expert

TransUnion has finally made its push onto the D+H Expert platform and alongside rival Equifax, although brokers won’t be able to shoot off its credit reports to lenders until early next month.

“It’s activated now for the brokers to pull a credit report, but they won’t yet have the ability to send it to a lender via Expert until early July and after testing to ensure that lenders will be able to receive the reports,” Steve Malone, VP of broker services fop Davis + Henderson, told

With the release of D+H Expert 2.12 on April 30, brokers were for the first time given the choice to set up TransUnion accounts in Expert, effectively allowing them to pull credit bureau reports not only from Equifax, but also TransUnion. That, of course, is after first winning client approval.

For TransUnion, there’s also the challenge of winning both broker and lender buy-in for services offered at a lower price point and mirroring those of Equifax, now the industry’s standard bearer,

“I have used TransUnion since it came on Expert,” Linda Yuan, principle broker for Centum Legend Financial in Toronto. “But only as a back-up, or a second opinion, for when the client disputes something on the Equifax report or something is missing.”

The dominance of Equifax is also likely to challenge TransUnion as it aims to grow its share of broker channel transactions via Expert.

“They may find it hard because all lenders accept Equifax, which isn’t the case with TransUnion,” said Michelle Brienza, an agent with Lending Logic Financial in Toronto. “I also find that if a lender needs a second report that they are willing to pay for it, not the broker, which may be another challenge for TransUnion in trying to gain brokers on Expert.”

Lenders are, however, aware of TransUnion’s push onto the platform, said Nick Kyprianou, CEO at Equity Financial Trust. “Brokers haven’t approached us and neither has TransUnion and we’re inclined to stay with Equifax,” he told “But we are willing to do a comparison of the two and consider TransUnion, although price won’t necessarily be a determining factor.”

  • Another Broker 2011-06-30 7:36:42 AM
    I dealt with Transunion on my own bureau last year regarding a U.S. purchase. What a mess. I I had to confirm info online about recent transactions and all the information they had was incorrect. I asked them to mail a copy of my report. After 6 weeks and still no report I contacted them to find out they sent my report to the same street and number but to a city about 75 miles from where I live. They informed me this was the address on my file. Now how could you mess that one up so bad after confirming over the phone personal details. It took me another 2 weeks to get the correct information from them to get the report straightened out after trying to speak with a number of their reps who barely spoke English, were rude and did not seem to understnd their job. My report is now correct after 4 months of working with them.
    Stick to Equifax. Their reporting is correct and their people professional and very helpful. if you start using Transunion you may find a lot of mistakes on client's reports that will result in unnecessary turndowns from the lenders. The information for both companies all come from the same sources so why so may mistakes on Transunion reports.
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  • John Dearin RPA, AMP 2011-06-30 8:01:35 PM
    We have been using Trans Union here for over two years, they have saved us dozens of deals. While Equifax is months, maybe years behind in updating files, we have found transUnion way mor up to date, especially when it come to reporting the good on a credit report. As well, we can get a clients report fixed within 48 hour with Trans Union...Equifax...we stopped trying.
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