Tories, Liberals, NDP step up housing platforms

Tories, Liberals, NDP step up housing platforms

Tories, Liberals, NDP step up housing platforms

The two frontrunners in next month’s federal election are appealing to Canadians concerned about the state of the environment.

As an election promise, the Conservatives are offering tax credits for renovations oriented towards energy-efficiency, which leader Andrew Scheer says will help the country meet its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The tax credit would allow up to $3,800 on home renovations of up to $20,000.

The Liberals announced they would help Canadians at risk of flooding, including a national plan to help relocate homeowners near high waters.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh made British Columbia’s money laundering problem the focus of his Wednesday campaign stop in Delta, where he said his party will dedicate an RCMP unit to fighting the province’s scourge of dirty money. Money laundering has been identified as a key component to exorbitant housing costs in B.C.

The proposed federal crime fighting unit would receive $20 million per annum in funding.

Singh additionally announced that a national beneficial ownership registry—which experts have stated would significantly curtail money laundering through the housing market—and impose a 15% nationwide tax on foreign buyers.

The national foreign buyer tax would be especially significant in B.C. because it would be added onto the existing 20% foreign buyer tax already implemented by the provincial government.

Singh also took a potshot at the Prime Minister.

“When B.C. families asked for help with the out-of-control housing market, Justin Trudeau spent $4.5 billion of their money on a pipeline project,” Singh said Wednesday. “Liberals and Conservatives have failed people here for too long. British Columbians deserve real partners in Ottawa—a New Democrat government that has the courage to do what’s right to make sure that everyone has an affordable place to call home.”