Top 75 brokers share their recipe for success

Top 75 brokers share their recipe for success

Top 75 brokers share their recipe for success


Implementing the best business strategies may seem obvious, but many brokers fail to take advantage of what works while discarding what doesn’t.

Top 75 brokers Mark Goode and Christine Xu shared their successful practices with 400 delegates at the Mortgage Summit on Friday, as part of CMP’s showcase of those industry professionals ranked in its annual listing by funded volume. Submissions for this year’s list are now open.

“Don’t follow what everyone else is doing,” Goode, a broker with Dominion Lending Centres told delegates gathered for the Day 2 morning session. “Be a leader, not a follower, and never be afraid of success.

“Do the toughest things first; remember, if this was so easy everybody would be doing it.”

Xu had a very simple message – but an effective one.

“Be fair, be kind, be honest,” Xu, a broker with Argentum Mortgage and Finance Corporation, told delegates gathered for the day-two morning session. “Be fair to the clients, and be kind – it goes both ways. And always tell the truth. Always be up front if there will be a higher rate. The client will know we are trying to do our best.”

Two other Top 75 brokers who spoke on Day One were Chad Robinson of Verico Best Interest Mortgages and Andre Semeniuk of Mortgage Architects.

CMP magazine is now calling for broker submissions for its ranking of Top 75 Brokers by funded volume for 2012. To be eligible, all the figures must be supplied by you, the broker/agent, via electronic survey – and that all deals must have been personally sourced and originated by you.

Sales figures must be broken down by the relevant lender, and should include a contact name and telephone numbers of the representatives of those institutions so CMP can contact them and the broker network to confirm the figures.

The Small Market Top 20 gives a tip of the hat to the accomplishments of mortgage professionals in markets with a 2012 average home price of $290,000 or less.

As the gap between home values in Canada’s smaller centres and those in Toronto and other major cities continues to grow, the Small Market Top 20 is the best way to acknowledge the funded-volume success of those brokers.

The criteria to qualify for the Top 20 includes being in a market that is CREA-identified region, municipality or centre, and to brokers who did a minimum 80 per cent of their deals in such a market where the average home price is at or under $290,000.

Small brokers will be automatically included in the Top 75 list – and like those who apply for the Top 75, the volumes must be personally sourced and originated by you.

Submission close on June 21.