Top 75 Brokers 2020: Who are the new best in the business?

Top 75 Brokers 2020: Who are the new best in the business?

Top 75 Brokers 2020: Who are the new best in the business?

The call for entries for Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Top 75 Brokers 2020 is still underway. The annual ranking brings together top-performing brokers who have surpassed the changing Canadian market marked with turmoils and uncertainty over the past year. 

To qualify as a Top 75 Broker, entrants have to be employed and licensed as a mortgage broker in 2019, and have to personally initiate all the deals they submit. Brokers also have to provide a breakdown of their deals with verifiable lender contact information.

To also shine the spotlight on brokers in more limited markets, CMP will round up the Top 20 Small Market Brokers, highlighting the top brokers in markets with an average home value of $365,000 or less.

Last year, Drew Donaldson of Safebridge Financial Group, was named one of the top brokers. Donaldson notes how the ranking served as a way to check on his colleagues and friends across the industry who continue to raise the bar and set new heights on the year ahead.

Other top brokers shared the same views on this accolade, “Being in the CMP’s Top 75 Brokers is both an honour and privilege. It is a constant reminder of the importance of hard work and perseverance, and should be an encouragement to everyone in the industry to strive their own personal best,” said Nick Kaaki of DLC The Mortgage Source.

Brokers are encouraged to send their entries by filling out this entry form to see if they are one of the Top 75 Brokers of 2020.

Entries close Friday, January 31.

Results will be published in the March issue of Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine and online.